Overview on impact assessment models and methods applied in IMPACT2C


workpackages and their models

IMPACT2C workpackages and their models


Abbreviations: Impact Assessment Models/Methods

CATSIM: Catastrophic Simulation Model
CLM: Community Land Model (Version CLM4.0 was used)
DIVA: Integrated, global model of coastal systems
DSSAT: Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer
E-HYPE: High resolution pan-European water model
EPIC: Preparing the erosion productivity impact calculator
G4M: Global Forestry Model
GLOBIOM: Global recursively dynamic partial equilibrium model integrating the agricultural, bioenergy and forestry sectors
LISFLOOD: GIS-based hydrological rainfall-runoff-routing model
LPJml: Lund-Potsdam-Jena managed Land Dynamic Global Vegetation and Water Balance Model
ORCHIDEE: Land-surface scheme developed at IPSL
VIC: Variable Infiltration Capacity Model
WBM:  Water Balance Model
TCI:  Tourism Climate Index
WRF:  Weather Research and Forecasting Model